1965 Romanian Md.63 Battlefield Pickup 80% Parts Kit


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These Romanian surplus Md.63 parts kits are assembled on a fully heat treated incomplete 80% receiver blank. Receiver blank has original Romanian selector markings. The trunnions have been rivited to the receiver blank. The US manufactured 7.62×39 nitrited barrel has been headspaced and pinned in place. Gas port has also been drilled. Magazine well and trigger pocket has been opened up. The kits are not matching numbers unless specifically stated in the description. All kits come with a cleaning rod, selector lever, FCG axis pins and original trigger group. Receiver blanks are left in the raw so you can finish it the way you prefer. We also have a cold blue “battlefield pickup” finish add on service offered in the AK Build Services area.

**Full auto sear is not included with the kit**

These are assembled from surplus parts and will have finish wear, rust, corrosion,dings, scratches, carvings, split wood, ect. Expect the possibility of a loose or rattling gas tube and lower handguard.

Look at the pictures closely. This is the exact kit you will receive!

* Specific Kit Details *

This kit is an awesome example of a war horse. Trunnion date is 1965. The wood furniture has multiple carvings. ZARAR is carved in the left side of the buttstock. There are 5 hash marks carved on the underside of the stock. Some claim these as “kill” hashes. The front foregrip “dong” has ANV carved on the right side. If you look close, there is a small carving that appears to be a cross. On the front of the dong are 5 hash marks carved into it. The side does have some crack damage. The upper handguard split and has a wood repair. It appears to have been painted or refinished with some type of brown finish.

This kit has been ATF approved as a combination of firearms parts. Therefore it does not meet the definition of a firearm. The kit can be shipped directly to the customer.

Warning: any changes or atlerations made to this product may constitute manufacturing of a firearm. All local, state and federal laws should be checked before making any alterations to this product.


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